Enjoy Your Non-Poisoned Water While You Still Can


Unless you are from Flint, Michigan, or a third-world country, you are probably unfamiliar with what it is like to have poisonous water flowing through your taps at home.  I’ve been fortunate to only have a temporary water bans where I’ve lived due to minor toxins and pathogens that occasionally leak into our supplies where you can still bathe, but they recommend boiling the water before cooking or washing dishes, and recommend bottled water for drinking. However, thanks to the Republican congress, we may be looking at a relaxation of regulations on our water-safety rules and we can all experience that fear of dying from what we currently take for granted as a healthy drinking choice.

Not only are they looking to relax the rules on drinking water, but on food safety, including pet food safety. You and Fido might get to play Russian Roulette with your food too. I’ve never been much for the survivalist stock-pile goods, but it almost feels like the thing to do now before I have to question their safety. Yes, there will always be good brands that will continue to make sure their food and water is safe, but they are very rarely inexpensive. This type of relaxation of the law affects the poor the most. If you are the type who buys store-brand to save money, you may have to re-think that under the new laws.

But don’t worry, all that money the corporations are saving on safe food and keeping our water clean will somehow trickle-down into new jobs and more money for you, so maybe you’ll be able to afford the non-poisonous food and water in a few years when a penny of the thousands they are saving trickles down to you. Or you could just learn how to filter urine into drinking water and get the real trickle-down water safety (I do not recommend any form of this idea for food).

Right now, we can’t do much except expose these politicians for supporting agendas that even a majority of their Republican constituents disagree with, and hope that in 2 years, enough people are fed up with how our government is behaving and we get a complete overturn of power. I’m actually hoping for a take-over of independents/3rd party leaders rather than Democrats, but that’s just my independent bias being fed up with having to choose between down-right horrible and slightly horrible. Then again, I don’t expect life-long Republicans to vote Democrat just because their party leaders are horrible. If that were the case, we would have never had Trump. But I could see the possibility of convincing Republican and Democrat voters alike to vote a third party that puts aside the BS of the party lines and focuses on real issues, so maybe my hopes of an independent/3rd party take over are not completely unfounded.

However, if you are like me, waiting 2 years for change while they are working hard to ruin our country in only a couple months (Or as Samantha Bee put it, 1 menstrual cycle in), is not acceptable and increases anxiety. So what can we do in the meantime?

If you are fortunate to have enough funds, buy only from companies who pledge to continue to protect our water and live up to the food-safety standards we have today (at least). And, if you have more funds left over, help buy those same brands for food pantries and/or anyone you know who might not be able to afford such items. Do your research and find pet food companies who have had little to no recalls or major food poisoning claims. Check with your vet about which companies they trust and start there.

Also, learn to grow your own food. Container gardening is a life-saver for me as an apartment-dweller. I grow my own tomatoes and cucumbers every year and I’ve successfully grown peas, corn, beans and carrots in containers as well. It’s easier to control food safety when it is your own food. This will also help with the fuel costs of transporting food to your local market so it is a double win.

As for water, consider volunteering and/or donating to the Clean Water Fund.

Let your congress persons know that you are not ok with destroying our water or the safety of our food (and while, we’re at it, the killing of endangered species either). Then keep track of how they vote on the issues and vote them out if they are voting against your wishes!


3 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Non-Poisoned Water While You Still Can

  1. Spot on, as usual! I was at Benny’s yesterday looking at “patio veggie and herb garden” supplies for my own limited space but your blog has made that an easy decision to make. Thanks!


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