It’s Time For A Third Party Revolution

I haven’t been writing for awhile because the number of causes I feel need our urgent support to counteract the current administration is getting so overwhelmingly large that it causes me anxiety to see how much our country is being ruined by our government. It gives me hope that Trump’s current approval ratings are 35%, though the DNC’s ratings are not much better. Because of these dismal approval ratings, this might be the push we need to move our country away from a 2-party system and elect a true-moderate independent with support on common ground issues from both sides.

This is the time for 3rd party candidates to come out, especially in traditionally swing states and districts, for the mid-term elections. I don’t expect a 3rd party to necessarily take over in traditionally democratic states, as the democrats are seen as strongly opposing the current administration and that is enough to keep approval from the democrats and a 3rd party opponent might have troubles breaking through that, but in swing states and Republican states, I can imagine there are people who are angry with the Republican party supporting the rich and leaving the middle class and poor worse off than before but not quite ready to vote for a Democrat. These are the states that would most benefit from a 3rd party take-over and I hope to see candidates who, instead of focusing on hatred of diversity, focus on real issues. Candidates who can see how job creation cannot be at the cost of environmental protection but still needs to be a priority, that the Affordable Healthcare Act isn’t perfect and needs to be changed rather than disposed of (or maybe, embrace Universal HealthCare, but that’s the idealist in me). I want candidates who want to make America a leader in Science and Technology while also supporting agriculture and food-safety. I want candidates who realize that the answers to our problems as a country aren’t as simple as a one-lined campaign slogan, but are able to design and articulate comprehensive solutions to our problems. And one issue both sides agree on, is those making the rules should have to get minimum wage and whatever healthcare options offered to the American people. Imagine how quickly things would change!

There is no doubt in my mind that politics as we have known it, need to change. But the only thing we can do right now, unless you are ambitious enough to run as a 3rd party candidate in a Red or Swing state or district, is to ensure that you are registered to vote, and encourage others to get registered. Do your research now on possible 3rd party candidates for the next election and, if you find one who you can truly believe in, start supporting them and help them get their name out now.  Let’s find middle ground to re-unite our country because the voters, for the most part, at least from what I’ve seen in talking to my traditionally republican-supporting friends and relatives, are not as divided as the rich bastards in DC want us to think we are.




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