Happy Birthday Na’niel

In celebration of my brother’s birthday, May 7th has become a day dedicated to doing at least one random act of kindness. Not to say I don’t try to do these year round, but I dedicate any random act of kindness I do today to my brother. He died a little over 12 years ago so material gifts, cards or phone calls, which are the usual way adult siblings celebrate each other’s birthdays, are out. But I enjoy the idea of trying to make the world a better place in his name as a gift that his spirit/the spirit of his memory could enjoy.

Not to take back the sentiments I spoke of in my last blog post, Nathaniel, wasn’t perfect. But, as I enjoy donating to charities in the name of my living loved ones for their birthdays and special events too (being careful to pick something important to them), it seems a fitting gift.


Not only that, but I enjoy the idea of having others “pitch-in” on his gift. Even if you didn’t know him, do a random act of kindness in his name. Even if you happen to read this blog after May 7th has passed (I am writing it in the evening after all), you can still do a random act in his name as a belated-birthday gift. It doesn’t have to be huge, it can be as small as helping someone load their groceries in their car, or calling someone who might need a friendly ear to listen or reaching out to a friend in need, or even picking up litter or paying for someone’s laundry at the laundromat, or buying a coffee for the person behind you. All of these seemingly small acts can make the world a better and brighter place by spreading a sense of community and love. So even if you didn’t know my brother, please feel free to help me make his birthday gift extra special by doing a random act of kindness in his name.

If you need more ideas about what you can do, I recommend checking out Random Acts Of Kindness’ web page. I especially love it because Misha Collin’s (the founder) weirdness, humor and wit remind me a lot of Nathaniel.

So Happy Birthday Na’niel! Here’s to more people giving you gifts this year!

Nathaniel outside at trailer parkSide Note: If you might be interested in a week of random acts of kindness and weirdness in the beginningĀ of August, you should also check out GISHWHES, which supports Random Acts of Kindness. If you’re looking for a laid back team or one to just get your feet wet, let me know, as I started a team this year just forĀ that purpose! Bonus, you don’t have to be in the same city, state, country or continent as the rest of your teammates (in fact, having teammates across the country and the world is beneficial!). Just comment on here (or email me if you know me) that you’d like to join my team and I can get you the information you need to join my team. There are many teams at various levels of competitiveness that you can join as well, but if you aren’t prepared to have a week of zero sleep and all GISHWHES, you should consider a laid back team like mine. You can also let the Gishbot form your team, which is what I did in all previous years and was happy with my teammates each time, but, inevitably, gishbot teams have several members who are MIA, which makes the team-effort items harder to do.



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